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Spencer, 28, unpublished author, I'm a guy since apparently everyone is curious. This blog may contain lots of Batman, comics and Star Wars. It also may contain other things like whatever the fuck I want.


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Anonymous said:
No face reveal how about a voice reveal with you saying you're Batman?

Orrr you could just wait until my plans go through for a Google Hangout or Skype Recording. And since I have no cam, you’ll hear my voice, and I assure you I do not do a good Batman voice.

Anonymous said:
could you explain to me how that submit thing works?

I don’t have a link for it but it should be enabled. I can add a link but not sure if it’s needed.


Pick what kind of post it is.

Add whatever you want to add, and then use the tags I have listed. Should be enough to cover just about anything on my blog and fit in a tag some where.