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Selling My Comic Collection [Updated]

I’m still selling my comic collection. I have sold a complete long box of comics already, and I still have plenty to sell. Now I’m not giving them away, but I did my best to create fair prices and allow room for someone to counter offer. For a list of the comics I am selling click here. I also added a page to my blog in case someone missed this post. If you order comics I remove them from the list, store them away in another page until you pay. Once paid for they’re yours, I do first come first serve. I do my best to ship as soon as possible, if I can’t I’ll notify you if you have to wait a week until I mail them off. Be sure to read invoices, they sometimes contain that info.

Also, I don’t do cash or check, a Money Order can’t be that hard to do. If you don’t have Paypal it takes moments to set up and no time to add a bank and card to it. I will gladly hold your comics until you can pay, I’m quite reasonable. If you have another method of payment, contact me so we can work that out.

Feel free to email me at spencerisbatman@gmail.com (an email I created specifically for this) if you have any questions or an order.

Basically this post is to just breakdown how I operate, shipping details are in the links provided, mainly the Google Docs/Drive link. I rarely update the page because it’s a lot of work to maintain one let alone two, so I just copy and paste about once a week for the page. I have 90s comics I been considering listing, but I have nothing amazing in that and they’re mostly damaged, they’re cheap, I’d prefer selling them as a whole and I wont be bagging and boarding them, you’ll be paying nothing for them basically. 

Everything I listed is all I have, I don’t have any special titles stored away. No Golden, Silver or really Bronze, mostly just Modern and nothing past 2008. If you want to buy a lot in bulk and are not pleased with the prices I offer, we can try to reach an agreement. If you don’t see what you want on my list, feel free to ask if I got it, but chances are I do not. 

When you order comics and send me your mailing address(& email if you sent me a message through Tumblr) I will send you an invoice to your email, or you can just transfer the money through Paypal emails. You have a few days to come up with the money unless you told me you will for sure have the money on a certain date. Also I know things happen, so if you’re forced to miss the set date for certain reasons try to notify me as soon as possible (i.e wedding, funeral, etc.).

I did not take a picture of every single comic, I did take a picture of expensive ones and complete sets, variants, signed and a few others. And if you order comics I will take a picture of what you ordered unless there already are pictures.. But you have to understand I own and am selling over a thousand comics. So, speak up if you want a picture so you know the cover wasn’t eaten by a rapid dog (they’re not), otherwise you’ll just have to trust in my brutal honesty that even effects my prices.

Links again:
Full Comics List with Prices via Google Drive
Comics for Sale via Tumblr

I recommend the Google Drive link, the one on Tumblr is just to get more attention towards my comics. 

Thanks to the friends who I asked if they wouldn’t mind reblogging this in order to help me sell my comics. You know who you are and I appreciate each of you, thank you. 

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